Daily Devotional / September 19, 2014 / Our Father

Daily DVO with Jabin Chavez
September 19, 2014



The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Follow along as we discuss and breakdown The Lord’s Prayer.

9 Pray like this:

Our Father in heaven,
may your name be kept holy.
10 May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth,
as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today the food we need,
12 and forgive us our sins,
as we have forgiven those who sin against us.
13 And don’t let us yield to temptation,
but rescue us from the evil one.


New Video Devotional

I will be start a new video devotional series. I am hoping to post 4-5 a week. We believe that these will be a blessing to you.

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Overcoming Fear / September 17, 2014

Dealing with Fear, Anxiety, Worry. We as christians do not have to fear bad news, God is on our side.
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” – 1 Tim 1:7 NLT





New Season



Shanen and I are so excited about 2014 and what God is doing in our lives. If you haven’t heard we are moving to Orange County! We have had some frequently asked questions. So, here’s the 411!


1. Why OC? 
Christine Caine told us that as evangelists, we need to live in a city that we HATE to leave and LOVE to come back to. So, why the Newport Beach area? ENOUGH SAID!

2. Are you still traveling full time?
YES. Worship, preaching, and worship coaching. We are so grateful that God is allowing us to do this.

3. Are you working for Free Chapel? 

No. We LOVE Pastor Jentezen and Free Chapel and are blown away by the love they have shown us. We are attending Free Chapel OC and plan to be very involved and serve as much as we can when we are home.

4. Why Free Chapel?
Pastor Jentezen has been a hero and inspiration for years. From the first time we met Pastor Jentezen and Cherise, we knew God was leading us to Free Chapel.

5. How is 2014 looking for you guys?
As we look upon the horizon, Shanen and I are so excited for what is to come! We will be in so many new cities and visiting new churches this year as well as going back and ministering for so many friends.

6. How can we pray for you?

  2. I am currently writing a book. IT’S HARD. I need to grace to do it.
  3. That Shanen and I would connect with new friends in a new city.

On the Daily


Shower – Daily
For real though… Do it.

Brush my teeth – 2x Daily
Let’s keep those teeth white. 

Eat – 5x Daily
After thirty years of bad eating habits, I’m trying harder then ever to eat clean and eat a lot! No more one meal a day, days! 

Exercise – Daily
A good gym sesh is almost as good as an espresso. ALMOST.

Read the Bible – Daily
Seriously… Just get in THE BOOK! His Word in your heart and in your mouth changes everything. 

Pray – Throughout the Day
As you behold HIM you become like HIM! Want to be more like Jesus? Pray. 

Kiss My Wife – All Day Every Day
Your spouse is the greatest gift God has given you. Don’t take them for granted. 

Pursue My Friends – Daily
Don’t be content with just knowing people. Keep the lines of communication open. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. 

Watch PTI – Daily
Honestly, it’s the best.

Read – Daily
Keep your mind OPEN and GROWING. Some of you love reading, some of you hate it. It doesn’t matter. You are better if you read.

Give – Daily
Don’t just look for ways to receive. Look for ways to GIVE. We are a consumer culture. Be different. Be generous. Happy are the generous. Time, money, encouragement, give something everyday!

Retreat – Daily
If you don’t have a hobby or creative outlet, you’re probably not very happy! Rick Warren calls it “retreating daily”. Do it!


3 Rebukes that Shaped My Life



Are You Sorry or Are You Sorry You Got Caught?

I blew it… I knew I did. I was asking my father for forgiveness. I won’t go into all the details of the story but after I apologized to my dad, he asked a very HEAVY question. “Son, of course I forgive you but are you really sorry or just sorry you got caught? If you’re sorry you got caught, you will do it again. If you’re really sorry, you will never do it again.”

That day I learned that what I do and say matters and that my life affects MANY PEOPLE. No more games. We gotta live right and repent when we fail.


It’s Time to be a Man. 

I was 21 and overseeing the worship department at one of the fastest growing churches in America. I WAS IN OVER MY HEAD! I had ZERO people skills and was losing team members. Pastor Benny sat me down and opened up the Bible to 1st Corinthians 13 where Paul talks about growing up and leaving childish ways. He then looked into my tear filled eyes and said, “Jabin, it’s time to be a man and lead this team.”  That day changed EVERYTHING.

No more excuses, no more complaints, just be a man and do the job.


At What Point Is Over Exaggerating Lying? 

In a church culture where pastors buy Twitter and Instagram followers, lie about church attendance, and claim that every event “was the best ever!!!!!!!!!” It’s very easy to get caught in a trap of over exaggerating to fit in. This third rebuke came from my momma. She was basically saying that all of this exaggerating or stretching the truth is simply lying and that I cannot get caught up in it. She reminded me  to humble myself and let God promote me and while I’m waiting, don’t lie!


Lessons From The Road


Well, it’s been one year. Wow! One year ago, Shanen and I left our two full-time jobs and stepped out on the water to follow God’s plan for our lives. We were scared, had very little money and didn’t know what would happen next. Would churches invite us? Would our friends stick with us? Would we be seen as rebellious? We had more questions then answers but knew we heard God. Today as I look back over one year of ministry, my heart is full and I am very grateful. Here are just a few of the things we have learned so far.




Not connections, not the right person tweeting about you, not the right church inviting you to speak but FRIENDS! People who love you, care about you, check up on you and pray for you. People who understand that you can have a bad day and you’re still SAVED! People who seriously care about you but don’t take you too seriously. Friends.



“Promotion comes from the Lord.” Simple huh? But not always easy to remember. Honor people, love people, and work hard to be relational but in all of that don’t become political! Keep your faith in the right PERSON: JESUS.

He elevates, He opens the doors, He is on your side.




I’ve taught for years that we cannot define or determine the harvest God has for us when we sow the right seed. However, we can trust his GRACE and that when we obey and walk according to his Word, He will supply for our every need. This has been nothing short of an Ephesians 3:20 year. It has not gone exactly the way I thought it would go (I don’t think it ever does). Some things have been harder than expected, some easier. As Judah Smith says, trust Jesus and ALWAYS choose what is behind “door number God.” That is the place with the greatest reward!





3 Biggest Mistakes I Made as a Staff Pastor


Todays blog is not to tell you what to do but to tell you what I didn’t do well. My hope is that this blog will encourage you as you reach your world. I have only been in ministry for eleven years and ten of those were on two church staffs (the past eleven months Shanen and I have been in full-time itinerant ministry). As I think about the past and look towards our future, I can think of three mistakes I made during my brief time in ministry. These are things I have corrected and though I have made MANY mistakes I think these were the biggest.

#1: Not spending quality time with my wife.

Please notice the word QUALITY. Shanen and I spent A LOT of time together but that doesn’t mean it was relationship building, life-giving, intimate time. While working at The Church at South Las Vegas we oversaw media, worship, youth, conferences, and the internship program. We never went more than an hour out of each others site. We slept together, ate together, worked together, and went home together (we only have one car). However, that doesn’t mean we were connecting like we should have. Don’t get me wrong, we have always had a good marriage but NOTHING like it is now.

Towards the end of our employment we did better at “turning off” the ministry switch when going home. For the first five years of our marriage there was not a moment that went by that we were not obsessed with ministry success. We now work hard to connect on a friendship level totally separate from what we do. We talk, laugh, cry, bond and love each other on a level we never did before. From the time I was 19, I gave my greatest energy to helping build the church, my wife and Jesus were second to that. That was my fault, but that has changed. My priority now is on my wife and my Savior. Ministry flows OUT of that, relationships flow out of that and friendships flow out of that. Give your spouse your best and watch God bless your marriage.

#2: Not pursuing more time with my pastors.

Notice the word PURSUE. The fact is, you may not be able to get a lot of time with your pastor but you can pursue it. Ask him to coffee, find common interests (If you don’t have any, make them up! During my time working for Pastor Benny, I became a Laker fan and a UFC fan. I also picked up golf. Simply to create more ways to connect.), ask him to lunch and make it happen! I made many excuses for not connecting more with my pastor, all of which were valid. However looking back, I wish I would have broke through my excuses and made this more of a priority.

#3: Being sarcastic.

Kind of random… many times as I tried to pastor and befriend guys my own age (or younger) I would joke with them and that was ok but when I needed to lead them and correct them I would find out they were hurt with me because of my humor. I would always say that they needed to grow up and get over it, but as I look back I wish I would  have corrected this! Now I am not saying you can’t joke, just remember your guys can only come back at you so hard because of your position. So they usually have to end up eating humble pie and possibly resenting you in the process. So HAVE FUN, but use discretion. Don’t talk trash on the basketball court, golf course, etc. and then get mad at your guys when they give it back. I am working harder than ever to honor people with my words, those under me and above me. YOU CAN’T LOSE WHEN YOU HONOR PEOPLE.


Worship EP

What you may not know is that I am currently in Puyallup, Washington recording a five song worship EP that will released at the end of January. The music is sounding incredible and I am praying it will be a blessing to YOU. The budget to do a professional recording is not cheap but I am rejoicing that almost all the money for this project has come in! This recording is an absolute step of faith and I know God will be faithful to provide every need. We are only about $3,500 short and I wanted to ask if you would prayerfully consider partnering with us to make this dream a reality. No gift is too big or too small and every penny will be used towards this project.

We are using a service called Indiegogo – this is a way for us to fundraise and give back! You can see more here: Jabin Chavez EP

THANK YOU for believing in me and considering partnering with us!


3 Reasons You Should Do Daily Devotions

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap2″]1[/bra_dropcaps] YOU ARE A NEW CREATION – You are not a legalist, you are not a pharisee, you are not a religious zealot, you are a NEW CREATION! Many times we forget that we have what the pharisees did NOT have. We have the Holy Spirit. We have Christ in US, the hope of glory. We are not who we were, we are who God says we are. We do not worship a form or dogma. We worship a person, his name is Jesus and He made us brand new. Your heart is new, your spirit is washed in the blood and now its time to work on that MIND! Don’t think of daily devotion as a daily discipline but as daily renewal. Your body needs food, water, and rest. Your mind needs food, water, and rest. This comes by being in the word, seeking God and praising God.

If you met a hungry person who desperately needed food and water, what would you do? You would feed them! You would not pass them by out of a fear of obesity. In the same way, don’t be afraid to eat spiritually! If your heart is for Jesus than legalism will not be a problem.

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap2″]2[/bra_dropcaps] YOUR NEXT LEVEL IS CONNECTED TO YOUR SPIRITUAL MATURITY– The writer in Hebrews chapter five,  tells us that he wanted to take them deeper but he could not because they were still on milk and could not digest meat yet. Don’t feel condemned if you are not ready for meat. BUT! You should want to grow so that when God wants to take you higher, He can!

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap2″]3[/bra_dropcaps] YOU ARE THE PRODUCT OF YOUR FRIENDSHIPS – One man said, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Paul tells us “bad company corrupts good morals.” Ok, if this is true, than who should your best friend be? Who should your BFF be? JESUS! Our God is holy, love, patient, kind, joy, peace, pure, gentle, generous, and we could go on and on and on and on. Christianity is not behavioral modification. It is transformation! You hang with Jesus and you will become like Jesus. Sanctification is our soul (mind will and emotions) catching up with your spirit (that washed in the blood perfect new man in Christ). So Im saved, and Im being saved. Im holy, and Im being made holy. Im washed in the blood and my soul is being washed. Time with Jesus doesn’t make you more saved. It is reveals how saved you really are!


Breaking Mental Barriers

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]I[/bra_dropcaps]’ll never forget driving in my car listening to a sermon (by a preacher I will not name) titled “Is it too late?” The premise of the message was that God is done with America and might just be done with you too. He talked about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, trampling on the grace of God and getting to a place of no return with our sin. He reminded us that, “God will not strive with men forever.” Oh yah, I WAS SIXTEEN! I remember the dark cloud of condemnation that filled my car as I drove down I-25 from Albuquerque to my house in Belen. That day I believed a lie that would cripple my walk with God for years.

For the first time I believed God and I were enemies and that I was in trouble! Just two years prior, I felt life giving conviction and holy love when I got saved. This was nothing like that. I felt alone, cold, totally helpless and I began a journey of trying to please God with my good works. Anytime I would sin I would feel terrible. It was never because I was convicted but because I was reminded that I probably wasn’t saved and should just give up. No one talked to me about my raging hormones as a teenager, how to forgive others and myself and most importantly THE GOSPEL.

The Gospel? I had no clue. Justification by faith? Never heard of it! 2nd Corinthians 5? Galatians 3? Romans 8? John 3? The new birth? The book of Collosions? NOPE. I only knew Old Testament principles and a few out of context New Testament verses. Are those bad? Of course not! I just had no idea what happened on the cross or why the resurrection was important. I didn’t know that God’s love for me is WAY more important than my love for him.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I was twenty-six (yup, ten years later) that I had my first revelation of God’s love. It was teachings by Judah Smith, Joseph Prince and others that were helpful in my understanding of Jesus. Many are uncomfortable with “the grace message” but all I know is, it worked for me. I’ve never had more personal victory, loved people and God more and felt so loved by God. No theology is perfect but if a theology causes faith, worship and holiness, I am for it!

Recently, I felt like I had another defining moment as I was reading the life of Abraham. Genesis chapter twelve gives us the story of Gods initial conversation with Abram. God could have said A LOT in this conversation but he chose to reveal to Abram a part of his character and nature that I think we often ignore. He tells Abram,”I’m going to bless you, protect you, multiply you and make you a blessing.” (Make you like me). WOW.

As God was forming both a religion and a race of people, He felt it important in its foundation to establish his generosity, strength, creative power and ability to bless. If God thought it was important to share this with the man who would become the father of our faith; I believe it is important not only that we believe it but also preach it! God is good, period. There is no room for boasting about our goodness. Faith and grace are a gift.

[bra_highlight style=”highlight1″] God is good! [/bra_highlight] When we realize and receive His love for us, we will love, worship and obey Him. It is not too late for you! God has a plan for you and loves you. Let him break off every mental barrier and stronghold that is standing in the way of you knowing you are loved.