On the Daily


Shower – Daily
For real though… Do it.

Brush my teeth – 2x Daily
Let’s keep those teeth white. 

Eat – 5x Daily
After thirty years of bad eating habits, I’m trying harder then ever to eat clean and eat a lot! No more one meal a day, days! 

Exercise – Daily
A good gym sesh is almost as good as an espresso. ALMOST.

Read the Bible – Daily
Seriously… Just get in THE BOOK! His Word in your heart and in your mouth changes everything. 

Pray – Throughout the Day
As you behold HIM you become like HIM! Want to be more like Jesus? Pray. 

Kiss My Wife – All Day Every Day
Your spouse is the greatest gift God has given you. Don’t take them for granted. 

Pursue My Friends – Daily
Don’t be content with just knowing people. Keep the lines of communication open. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. 

Watch PTI – Daily
Honestly, it’s the best.

Read – Daily
Keep your mind OPEN and GROWING. Some of you love reading, some of you hate it. It doesn’t matter. You are better if you read.

Give – Daily
Don’t just look for ways to receive. Look for ways to GIVE. We are a consumer culture. Be different. Be generous. Happy are the generous. Time, money, encouragement, give something everyday!

Retreat – Daily
If you don’t have a hobby or creative outlet, you’re probably not very happy! Rick Warren calls it “retreating daily”. Do it!