Jabin began playing guitar and leading worship at the age of thirteen and has been in full-time ministry since 2002. He loves the local church and has played many roles on church teams including: worship pastor, youth and young adult pastor, intern director, creative director, and even janitor! Since 2012, Jabin has been traveling full-time preaching, leading worship, and coaching worship leaders and worship teams. Jabin’s ministry is multi-cultural and multi-generational. From youth services, leadership conferences, Sunday services, and worship team training, Jabin is a highly sought after communicator who’s relevant and prophetic ministry blesses churches all over the world. Jabin and Shanen live in beautiful Newport Beach, California and attend Free Chapel.

Jabin has released two Worship EPs “We Sing” and “Awakening Live“. Follow Jabin on Twitter and Instagram (@jabinchavez).