New Season



Shanen and I are so excited about 2014 and what God is doing in our lives. If you haven’t heard we are moving to Orange County! We have had some frequently asked questions. So, here’s the 411!


1. Why OC? 
Christine Caine told us that as evangelists, we need to live in a city that we HATE to leave and LOVE to come back to. So, why the Newport Beach area? ENOUGH SAID!

2. Are you still traveling full time?
YES. Worship, preaching, and worship coaching. We are so grateful that God is allowing us to do this.

3. Are you working for Free Chapel? 

No. We LOVE Pastor Jentezen and Free Chapel and are blown away by the love they have shown us. We are attending Free Chapel OC and plan to be very involved and serve as much as we can when we are home.

4. Why Free Chapel?
Pastor Jentezen has been a hero and inspiration for years. From the first time we met Pastor Jentezen and Cherise, we knew God was leading us to Free Chapel.

5. How is 2014 looking for you guys?
As we look upon the horizon, Shanen and I are so excited for what is to come! We will be in so many new cities and visiting new churches this year as well as going back and ministering for so many friends.

6. How can we pray for you?

  2. I am currently writing a book. IT’S HARD. I need to grace to do it.
  3. That Shanen and I would connect with new friends in a new city.