Lessons From The Road


Well, it’s been one year. Wow! One year ago, Shanen and I left our two full-time jobs and stepped out on the water to follow God’s plan for our lives. We were scared, had very little money and didn’t know what would happen next. Would churches invite us? Would our friends stick with us? Would we be seen as rebellious? We had more questions then answers but knew we heard God. Today as I look back over one year of ministry, my heart is full and I am very grateful. Here are just a few of the things we have learned so far.




Not connections, not the right person tweeting about you, not the right church inviting you to speak but FRIENDS! People who love you, care about you, check up on you and pray for you. People who understand that you can have a bad day and you’re still SAVED! People who seriously care about you but don’t take you too seriously. Friends.



“Promotion comes from the Lord.” Simple huh? But not always easy to remember. Honor people, love people, and work hard to be relational but in all of that don’t become political! Keep your faith in the right PERSON: JESUS.

He elevates, He opens the doors, He is on your side.




I’ve taught for years that we cannot define or determine the harvest God has for us when we sow the right seed. However, we can trust his GRACE and that when we obey and walk according to his Word, He will supply for our every need. This has been nothing short of an Ephesians 3:20 year. It has not gone exactly the way I thought it would go (I don’t think it ever does). Some things have been harder than expected, some easier. As Judah Smith says, trust Jesus and ALWAYS choose what is behind “door number God.” That is the place with the greatest reward!




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