3 Rebukes that Shaped My Life



Are You Sorry or Are You Sorry You Got Caught?

I blew it… I knew I did. I was asking my father for forgiveness. I won’t go into all the details of the story but after I apologized to my dad, he asked a very HEAVY question. “Son, of course I forgive you but are you really sorry or just sorry you got caught? If you’re sorry you got caught, you will do it again. If you’re really sorry, you will never do it again.”

That day I learned that what I do and say matters and that my life affects MANY PEOPLE. No more games. We gotta live right and repent when we fail.


It’s Time to be a Man. 

I was 21 and overseeing the worship department at one of the fastest growing churches in America. I WAS IN OVER MY HEAD! I had ZERO people skills and was losing team members. Pastor Benny sat me down and opened up the Bible to 1st Corinthians 13 where Paul talks about growing up and leaving childish ways. He then looked into my tear filled eyes and said, “Jabin, it’s time to be a man and lead this team.”  That day changed EVERYTHING.

No more excuses, no more complaints, just be a man and do the job.


At What Point Is Over Exaggerating Lying? 

In a church culture where pastors buy Twitter and Instagram followers, lie about church attendance, and claim that every event “was the best ever!!!!!!!!!” It’s very easy to get caught in a trap of over exaggerating to fit in. This third rebuke came from my momma. She was basically saying that all of this exaggerating or stretching the truth is simply lying and that I cannot get caught up in it. She reminded me  to humble myself and let God promote me and while I’m waiting, don’t lie!

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