Keep up with Jabin and Shanen’s new church plant at


Arise Church the 29th (Wellington, NZ)


City Bible Church (Portland, OR)

1910 Church (San Antonio, TX)

Summit Christian Center the 19th (San Antonio, TX)

The Father’s House (Vacaville, CA)

MARCH 2016

Cross Points Church (Kansas City, KS)

Love is Red (Canton, OH)

Celebration Church the 19th (Salinas, CA)

Abundant Living (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Rise Conference (San Antonio, TX)

Reveal Conference (Dallas, TX)

APRIL 2017

Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN)

Lakewood Church 9th (Houston, TX)

Christian Life Church (Austin, TX)

 MAY 2017

Champions Church (Houston, TX)

Shoreline the 7th (Austin, TX)

June 2017

Spectrum Church the 4th (San Diego, CA)

Covenant Church (Dallas, TX)

Hope City the 18th (Houston, TX)

Verge Camp (Destin, FL)

Red Rocks Church (Denver, CO)

Forward Conference (Atlanta, GA)

Fellowship Church the 25th (San Fran, CA)

City Light Interest Meeting June 27th (Las Vegas, NV)

Youth for the Nations (Dallas, TX)

Solid Rock Church (Corpus Christi, TX)

Victory Christian Center (Tulsa, OK)

July 2017

Victory Christian Center the 1st/2nd (Tulsa, OK)

Hillsong South Africa the 17th (Capetown, SA)

The House (Modesto, CA)

Youth America weeks 6&7 (Oklahoma City, OK)

City Light Church Interest Meeting July 25 (Las Vegas NV) 

Life City Church (Columbus, OH)

Living Way 30th (San Antonio, TX)

August 2017

The Father’s House 6th (Rochester, NY)

Life Church (Memphis, TN)

Christian Worship Center (Alexandria, LA)

VIVE Church (San Francisco, CA)

Calvary Church the 13th (Johnson City, TN)

The House the 19th/20th (Modesto, CA)

Abundant Living Faith Center (El Paso, TX)

September 2017

Abundant Living Faith Center (El Paso, TX)


Love is Red (Toronto, Canada)

October 2017

403 Conference (Calgary, Canada)

Calvary of ABQ the 1st (Albuquerque, NM)

Youth America Leadership Conference (Oklahoma City, OK)

November 2017

Life Pointe Church the 5th (Clarksburg, WV)

Celebration Church (Jacksonville, FL)

Pen Florida District

December 2017

Jabin is at his home church in Irvine, California most Sunday’s. Come say hi!


Rock Church (San Bernardino, CA)

City Church (Riverside, CA)


Father’s House (Vacaville, CA)

Church on the Rock (Tampa,FL)

MARCH 2016

Faith Family Church (Canton, OH)

Harvest Time (Ft Smith, AR)

 The Venue (Valencia, CA)

 TBN Praise The Lord (Costa Mesa, CA)

Christian Life Church (Austin, TX)

APRIL 2016

Rock Church (San Bernardino, CA)

Abundant Living Faith Center (El Paso, TX)

 Heartland Church (Dallas, TX)

 Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN)

 Visalia 1st (Visalia, CA)

TBN Praise The Lord (Costa Mesa, CA)

 MAY 2016

Celebration Church (Fresno, CA)

C3 (Las Vegas, NV)

Shoreline (Austin, TX)

New Life Worship Center (Providence, RI)

June 2016

Abundant Living Family Church (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Cornerstone Church (Nashville, TN) (Atlanta, GA)

Youth For The Nations (Dallas, TX)

Awakening Conference  (Providence, RI)

July 2016

Hope City Church (Houston, TX)

KCM Faith Convention (DFW, TX)

Youth America (Oklahoma City, OK)

 Desperation (Colorado Springs, CO)

 Arise Conference (Christchurch, NZ)

August 2016

City Bible Church (Portland, OR)

The Cause (Brea, CA)

Guts Church (Tulsa, OK)

Bianca Olthoff Book Release (Los Angeles, CA)

September 2016

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA)

Harvest Time (Ft Smith, AR)

Divine Conference (Irvine, CA)

TBN Praise The Lord Sep 29

October 2016

City Bible Church (Portland, OR)

Christian Worship Center (Alexandria, LA)

Revive Church (Houston, TX)

Hope City (Houston, TX)

Family Faith Center (Big Spring, TX)

TBN Praise The Lord Oct 20

November 2016

Youth America Leadership Conference (OKC, OK)

Hope City Church (Leeds, UK)

Encounter Conference (Utica, NY)

December 2016

Freedom House Church (Charlotte, NC)

Jabin is at his home church in Irvine California most Sunday’s. Come say hi!


Spectrum Church (San Diego, CA) (Preaching)

City of Refuge Church (Puerto Rico) (Preaching)

Christian Life Center (Chicago, IL) (Preaching)

Generation Unleashed (Portland, OR) (Preaching)


City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

TBN (Costa Mesa, CA)

Connection Conference (Palmetto, FL) (Preaching)

MARCH 2015

Harvest Time (Fort Smith, AR) (Worship & Preaching)

Rivers Church (South Africa) (Preaching)

Potters House Denver (Denver, CO) (Preaching)

TBN Praise The Lord (Costa Mesa) (Mar 26)

APRIL 2015

Christian Life Church (Austin, TX)

Faith Church (West Palm Beach, FL) (Worship)

Youth Alive (Perth, Australia) (Preaching)

Heartland Church (Carrollton, TX) (Preaching)

TBN Praise The Lord (Costa Mesa, CA) (Apr 21)

City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

Awakening Conference (Providence, RI) (Preaching & Worship)

MAY 2015

Awakening Conference (Providence, RI) (Preaching & Worship)

TBN Praise The Lord (Atlanta, GA) (May 12)

Free Chapel (Gainesville, GA) (Worship)

Alpha and Omega (Miami, FL) (Preaching)

Guts Church (Tulsa, OK) (Preaching)

Abundant Living Family Church (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (Preaching)

TBN Praise The Lord (Costa Mesa, CA) (May 21)

City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

June 2015

Calvary Church (Chicago, IL) (Preaching)

ILM Conference (Dana Point, CA) (Worship)

Forward Conference (Gainesville, GA)

Faith Community Church (West Covina, CA) (Preaching)

July 2015

Youth America (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

Abundant Living Faith Center (El Paso, TX) (Preaching)

Brownsville AG (Pensacola, FL) (Preaching)

Potters House of Denver (Denver, CO) (Preaching)

Verge Conference (Destin, FL) (Preaching)

Christ Central (Gainesville, FL) (Preaching)

August 2015

Team Church Conference (Tacoma, WA) (Worship)

Champions Community Church (Houston, TX) (Worship)

Generation Unleashed Camp / City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

The Cause Church (OC, CA) (Preaching)

Iglesia Cristiana Misericordia (Laredo, TX) (Preaching)

September 2015

Destiny Family Christian Center (El Paso, TX) (Preaching)

Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX) (Preaching)

Family Worship Center (Albuquerque, NM) (Preaching)

Citipointe Church (Brisbane, AUS) (preaching)

October 2015

Citipointe Church (Brisbane, AUS) (Preaching)

Love INTL (Phoenix, AZ) (Preaching)

Influencers Church (Adelaide, AUS) (Preaching)

Dream Center (Los Angeles, CA) (Worship)

Freedom House Church MENS CONFERENCE (Charlotte, NC) (Worship)

Divine Women’s Conference (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

November 2015

Harvest Time (Fort Smith, AR) (Worship)

West Coast Life Church (Murrieta, CA) (Worship)

Youth America Leadership Conference (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

The House (Modesto, CA) (Preaching)

December 2015

Faith Family Church (Canton, OH) (Preaching)

Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN) (Preaching)

Elevate Life Church (Dallas, TX) (Worship)


Spectrum Church (Chula Vista, CA) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

Bridge Church (Adelaide, AUS) (Preaching)

C3 Church (Sydney, AUS) (Preaching)

City Church San Diego (San Diego, CA) (Preaching)


Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

Generations Church (Moreno Valley, CA) (Worship)

Church on the Rock (Palmetto, FL) (Preaching & Worship)

New Life Church (San Diego, CA) (Preaching & Worship)

Comunidade Evangelica de Aracatuba (Brazil)

MARCH 2014

Comunidade Evangelica de Aracatuba (Brazil)

The Vous (Miami, FL) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Atlanta, GA) (Worship)

Love International Ministries (Phoenix, AZ) (Worship)

NM District Fine Arts (Albuquerque, NM) (Preaching)

Copper Pointe Church (Albuquerque, NM) (Preaching)

Faith Family  (Canton, OH) (Worship & Preaching)

Grace Foursquare (Camas, WA) (Preaching & Worship)

APRIL 2014

Church in the City (Rowlett, TX) (Preaching)

Harvest Church (Allen, TX) (Preaching)

Heartland Church  (Carrollton, TX) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

Father’s House (Vacaville, CA) (Preaching)

Awakening Conference (Smithfield, RI) (Preaching & Worship)

MAY 2014

Awakening Conference (Smithfield, RI) (Preaching & Worship)

New Life Worship Center (Smithfield, RI) (Preaching & Worship)

Faith Community Church (West Covina, CA) (Preaching)

Father’s House (Vacaville, CA) (Preaching)

Calvary Church  (Johnson City, TN) (Preaching)

Champions Community Church (Houston, TX) (Preaching)

Lakewood Church (Houston, TX) (Preaching)

Morningstar Church (Yakima, WA) (Preaching)

JUNE 2014

Cornerstone Church (Nashville, TN) (Preaching)

Southtowns Christian Center (Buffalo, NY) (Preaching)

The Potters House Denver (Denver, CO) (Worship)

Iglesia Cristiana Misericordia (Laredo, TX) (Preaching)

Trinity Church (Miami, FL) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Preaching)

JULY 2014

Southwest Believers Convention (Dallas, TX) (Worship)

Branded by Fire (Pensacola, FL) (Preaching)

Potters House Denver (Denver, CO) (Worship)

Victory Worship (Prescott, AZ) (Preaching)

Youth America (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

Church of the Harvest (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

Valley International Christian Center (San Benito, TX) (Worship)

Youth America (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

Antioch Church (Kansas City,  MO) (Worship)

The City Church Ventura (Ventura, CA) (Preaching)

Generation Church Camp (Ventura, CA) (Preaching)

Uproar Conference (Horseheads, NY) (Preaching & Worship)


Uproar Conference (Horseheads, NY) (Preaching & Worship)

Champions Centre (Tacoma, WA) (Preaching)

Word in Season International (Harlingen, Texas) (Preaching)

Christ for the Nations (Torrence, CA) (Preaching)

New Life (Hesperia, CA) (Preaching)


Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)

Abundant Living Family Church (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (Preaching)

The City Church (Chicago, IL) (Preaching)


Faith Fellowship Ministries (Sayreville, NJ) (Preaching & Worship)

The Potters House (Dallas, TX) (Worship)

Hillsong Church (Capetown, South Africa) (Preaching)

Rivers Church (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Preaching)


Rhema Church (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Preaching)

Encounter Conference (Utica, NY) (Preaching & Worship)

Generations Church (Moreno Valley, CA) (Preaching)

Gateway Church (Southlake, TX) (Preaching)

Alpha & Omega (Vero Beach, FL) (Preaching)

C2 Conference (Yuma, AZ) (Preaching)

The Potters House (Dallas, TX) (Preaching)


Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN) (Preaching)

Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Preaching)


5-6 Lifeway Church (Phoenix, AZ) (Preaching)

13 Neighborhood Church (Henderson, NV) (Preaching)

16 Seven Hills Church (Florence, KY) (Worship)

19-20 Seven Hills Church (Florence, KY) (Worship)

26-27 Seven Hills Church (Florence, KY) (Worship)


1-3 The Uprising (Hebron, MD) (Preaching)

4-6 Copperpointe Church (Albuquerque, NM) (Preaching)

8-9 Life Community Church (La Porte, TX) (Preaching)

10 Lakewood Church (Houston, TX) (Worship)

15-16 The Fathers House (Vacaville, CA) (Preaching)

20 Calvary Worship Center (Modesto, CA) (Preaching)

21-22 The Father’s House (Vacaville, CA) (Preaching)

23-24 Faith Family Church (Canton, OH) (Preaching & Worship)

MARCH 2013

28-5 Comunidade Crista Videira (Brazil) (Preaching)

7-9 River Valley Church (Apple Valley, MN) (Worship)

22-23 UG Conference (Seattle Area, WA) (Preaching)

24-25 Lakewood Church (Houston, TX) (Worship & Preaching)

27 Cottonwood Church (Los Alamitos, CA)  (Preaching)

29-31 C3 Church (Sydney, AUS) (Preaching)

APRIL 2013

5-7 Influencers Church (Adelaide, AUS) (Preaching)

7-8 Lifepointe Church (Adelaide, AUS) (Preaching)

12-14 Bridge Church (Melbourne, AUS) (Preaching)

14 Faith Christian Church (Melbourne, AUS) (Preaching)

18-20 Intensifire Conference (Sydney, AUS) (Preaching)

21 Inspire Church (Liverpool, AUS) (Preaching

26-27 Awakening Youth Conference (Smithfield, RI)  (Preaching)

28 New Life Worship Center (Smithfield, RI) (Worship)

MAY 2013

5-6 Capital City Church (Ottawa, Canada) (Preaching)

15 Abundant Living Family Church (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (Preaching)

17-19 Encounter Community Church (Henderson, NV) (Preaching)

22-23 The Movement (Dallas, TX) (Preaching)

24 Calvary Church (Irving, TX) (Preaching)

26 Hillsong NYC (New York, NY) (Preaching)

JUNE 2013

5  Bethany Church (Baton Rouge, LA) (Worship)

6-7 Healing Place Church (Baton Rouge, LA)

9 Grace Fellowship (Los Lunas, NM) (Preaching)

12 New Life Worship Center (Smithfield, RI) (Preaching)

14-15  Templo Maranatha (Payson, AZ) (Preaching)

18 The Vous (Miami, FL) (Preaching)

20-23 Lakewood Church HOPE AND LIFE Conference (Houston, TX) (Worship)

26  Dedicated Youth Conference (Las Vegas, NV)  (Worship)

29-30 Harvest Church (Concord, CA) (Preaching)

JULY 2013

1-2 Harvest Church (Concord, CA) (Preaching)

7 Church of the Harvest (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

8 Branded By Fire (Pensacola, FL) (Preaching)

9-10 Youth America (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

11 Collision Conference (Irving, TX) (Preaching)

12-14 Vino Nuevo (El Paso, TX) (Preaching)

15-18 Youth for the Nations (Dallas, TX) (Preaching)

20-21 Faith Family Church (Canton, OH) (Preaching)

28-29 Relentless Youth Camp (Millisle, Northern Ireland) (Preaching)


1 Antioch Church (Overland Park, KS) (Preaching)

2 His Tabernacle Family Church (Horseheads, NY) (Preaching)

3-4 Family Life Church (Sulphur Springs, TX) (Preaching)

5-7 Team Church Conference / Champions Centre (Tacoma, WA) (Worship & Preaching)

9-12 Cottonwood Church (Los Alamitos, CA)  (Preaching)

14-16 The Connect Church (Philadelphia, PA) ( Preaching)

17-18 The Connect Church (Philadelphia, PA) ( Preaching)

22-26 City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

30-31 WRECKD Conference (Farmington, NM) (Preaching)


4 City of Life Church (Kissimmee, FL) (Worship)

6 Church on the Living Edge (Longwood, FL) (Preaching)

7-9 New Life Worship Center (Smithfield, RI) (Preaching

20 Influencers Church (Adelaide, Australia) (Preaching)

21 Youth Alive (Adelaide, Australia) (Preaching)

22 Influencers Church (Adelaide, Australia) (Preaching)

22 Victory Church (Adelaide, Australia) (Preaching)

24-27 Mackay Christian Family (Mackay, Australia) (Preaching)

28-29 Faith Community Church (West Covina, CA) (Worship)

29 Living Water (Olympia, WA) (Preaching)


2 City Bible Church (Portland, OR) (Preaching)

9 Champions Centre (Tacoma, WA) (Preaching)

19-20 Sheffield Family Life Center (Kansas City, MO) (Preaching and Worship)

25 Morningstar Church (Yakima, WA) (Preaching)

26-27 Champions Community Church (Houston, TX) (Worship & Worship Coaching)


6 Life Church (Rome, NY) (Preaching)

7-9 Generation Conference (Utica, NY) (Preaching)

10 Grace Church (Houston, TX) (Preaching)

15-17 Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN)(Preaching)


22 Free Chapel (Irvine, CA) (Worship)


12 UGYP (Preaching)

21/22 (Preaching)

23/25 (Preaching and Worship)

26/29 (Preaching and Worship)


9-11 The City Church San Diego (Preaching and Worship)

23 Napkin Conference (Worship)

23/25 The Father’s House (Preaching)

27 Nitro Youth Ministry (Preaching)

MARCH 2012

9-11 Foursquare NextGen Greater Las Angeles District Camp (Preaching)

13 Amplified Youth Ministry  (San Antonio, TX) (Preaching)

15-17 UG Conference (Puyallup, WA) (Preaching)

30-31 Faith Family Church   (Canton, OH) (Preaching and Worship)

APRIL 2012

13-14 Texas Bible Institute (Irving, TX) (Preaching)

27 CFNI  (Dallas, TX) (Preaching)

MAY 2012

16-18 Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN) (Preaching)

26-27 The City Church Ventura (Ventura, CA) (Preaching)

30-31 Champion Centre (Seattle, WA) (Preaching and Worship)

JUNE 2012

2-3 Champions Centre (Seattle, WA) (Worship)

27-29 Dedicated Conference (Las Vegas, NV) (Preaching and Worship)

JULY 2012

2-4 Youth America Conference  (Oklahoma City, OK) (Preaching)

9-11 Collision Conference (Irving, TX) (Preaching)

11 Brownsville AG (Pensacola, FL) (Preaching)

13-14 Image Church (Lynwood, WA) (Preaching)

18 Faith Family Church (Canton, OH) (Preaching)

24-25 Victory Worship Center (Tucson, AZ) (Preaching)

27-28 Visalia First Assembly (Visalia, CA) (Preaching)

29-31 Generations Church (Moreno Valley, CA) (Preaching)


1-3 Pleasant Hill Worship Center (Elkton, MD) (Preaching)

3 Brooklyn Tabernacle (Brooklyn, NY) (Worship)

6-8  Champions Centre (Seattle, WA) (Preaching & Worship)

10 Christ Tabernacle (Queens, NY) (Preaching and Worship)

12 One Community Church (Toronto, Canada) (Preaching)

16-17 Christian Faith Center (Seattle, WA) (Preaching)

25-26 Love International Ministries (Phoenix, AZ) (Preaching)


7-10 Champion Life Church (Palm Desert, CA) (Preaching & Worship)

17 South Eastern University (Lakeland, FL) (Worship)

18 The Vous (Miami, FL) (Preaching)

19 Cottonwood Church (Los Alamitos, CA)  (Preaching)

26 Bridge Church (Melbourne, Australia)

29-30 City Life Church (Melbourne, Australia)

30 Inspire Church (Sydney)


3-7 Dreambuilders Church (Perth, Australia) (Preaching)

7 Kingdom City Church (Perth, Australia) (Preaching)

11-13 Comunidade Crista Videira (Brazil) (Preaching)

16  The Church Conference (Las Vegas, NV) (Worship)

20-21 Champions Centre (Tacoma, WA) (Worship Coaching)

21 Rock Church (Seattle, WA) (Preaching)

27 Family Christian Center (Munster, IN) (Worship)

27-28 City Church (Chicago, Ill) (Preaching & Worship)


2- 4 City Life Church  (Chilliwack, Canada) (Preaching)

7 River Valley Church (Apple Valley, MN) (Preaching)

8-10 Generation Conference (Utica, NY) (Worship and Preaching)

11 Redeemer Church AM (Utica, NY) (Preaching)

11 Hillsong NYC PM (New York City, NY) (Worship)

14 Christ Tabernacle (Queens, NY) (Worship)

17-18 Calvary Church (Johnson City, TN) (Preaching)

30 Believers World Outreach Church (Columbus, TX) (Preaching)