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Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is Sex Trafficking Awareness Day. It is a day to raise awareness about the modern-day slavery happening in the world. Today, there are more slaves alive right now then in world history. Over twenty-seven million people  RIGHT NOW are under the cruel bondage of sex-traffickers and pimps. One man who was arrested in Greece for running a brothel with women who were prostituting against their will were asked, “why sex slavery? Why not be a drug dealer, or an arms dealer?” His response was shocking… “prostituting women is easier because there is an endless supply an endless demand and the punishment if caught is much lighter then drugs or guns.” Sad. In America, you can receive up to a twenty-five thousand dollar fine and receive jail time for poaching an animal and yet be given community service for controlling, manipulating, and enslaving a human being.

Is there anything YOU can do? YES! Last week The Passion Movement held a young adult conference in Atlanta and raised over three million dollars to give to ministries helping set men and women free from sex slavery. And YOU can be a part of that. Here at The Church we run a ministry called Impact. Impact does many things for our community including running a house that helps young women get on their feet and free from their past life.

Here are just a few things we do:

  • Give them a free place to stay at a secret and safe location
  • Free counseling, job training,  food and everything they need to live

The Impact House, is a one year rehabilitation system that takes a woman from prostitution to becoming beautiful valuable member of our society. To date we have helped over a dozen women and more are coming in every month. We are the ONLY ministry of its kind in the city of Las Vegas. Do you want to help? You can give right now and help many more hundreds freed from slavery. No gift is too small, no gift is too big. Help somebody today.